Website Development


Website Design

Website creation and upkeep are referred to as web development tasks. It involves a number of tasks, including database management, programming, content creation, and web design. The main objective of web development is to produce a website that is easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and functional.

Front-end Web Development

This is using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript or other programming languages to create the user interface (UI) of a website. It focuses on how to make a website look visually appealing and user-friendly through layout and design.

Back-end Web Development

This kind of web development handles database administration, server configuration, and programming on the server side of a website. Programming languages like PHP, Python, Ruby, or Node.js are used by back-end developers to build the functionality and logic of websites.

Full-stack Web Development

Front-end and back-end development are areas of expertise for full-stack developers. They are able to start from scratch and finish web applications, making sure that the server-side and user interfaces interface seamlessly.

Web Application Development

Developing browser-accessible web-based applications is required for this. Social media sites and online tools like booking or project management software are examples of web applications.

Every Kind of Website That We Deliver

Dynamic website: 

A dynamic website is one that has been designed with interactive database-driven features that allow the administrator to update their website with pertinent changes. In actuality, dynamic refers to changes made during runtime that allow users to upload, edit, search, and other user-controlled data. A database is required for dynamic websites in order to store information about the company’s goods and services. With this kind of website, you can have the benefit of instantly updated, interactive, and user-friendly content.

Flash Website:

The use of flash on your website attracts visitors to your business’s webpages. Thus, Flash is the best option for making your website more attention-grabbing. The website is much more engaging and readable with Flash.
Flash design is a crucial component of website development because it gives your website an eye-catching appearance that attracts more visitors.

Static Website:

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re searching for a static website design company to build a polished website for you. TCNMART helps its clients grow their businesses by providing expert website design and development services. We are dedicated to helping our clients strategically promote their websites. Essentially, putting your business online is the primary goal of a static website. It will assist you in growing your business and showcasing your product online.